Help Save Title VI Funding

October 3rd, 2011 | Posted by CERCLL in title vi

Under the 2011 Full-Year Continuing Resolution (H.R. 1473) enacted April 15, the Department of Education’s Title VI/Fulbright-Hays International Education programs have been cut by a devastating $50 million (or 40%) for the current fiscal year (from $126 million in FY 2010 to $76 million in FY 2011).* For CERCLL and the other Language Resource Centers, this resulted in a 50% cut in the annual budget. Other programs were eliminated entirely.

How do budget cuts affect the work of Language Resource Centers? 35% fewer teachers will be trained by LRCs this year, down from roughly 17,000. If the cuts are extended to next year, just 9,300 will be trained in 2012-13.

If you think that supporting international education and foreign language instruction is important, you can help by writing letters to your own Representative or Senator (templates are available to send directly through the NHA link listed below) to ask that they take action to restore Title VI funding to 2010 levels. You can also help by donating directly to VI funded Language Resource Centers, such as CERCLL. If you wish to make a donation, please contact CERCLL. You can learn more about the budget cuts on Facebook.

*Cited from National Humanities Alliance.

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